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Melbourne, Australia







* VISUAL EFFECTS SOCIETY AWARDS (VES) 2014 (Outstanding Created Environment in a Commercial

   or Broadcast Program) for Game Of Thrones “The Climb”.

* PRIMETIME EMMY AWARDS 2013  ( as Model and Texture Lead ) for

   Game Of Thrones. “Valar Dohaeris” (Season 03)





Senior Environment Generalist at Iloura,                                                                                                Vancouver (Feb.06.2017 - Currently)


Projects: - Jumanji, game of thrones season 07.


*Modeling and texturing full CG environment's.

*Texturing High res. photo-real maps for CG environment’s, assets .

*Developing custom pipeline tools for assets department using Maya Python.


TOOLS: - Maya, Mari, Mudbox, Zbrush, Nuke, Substance Designer, Terragen, Vray 3.0, World Machine, Python.



Senior CG Generalist TD at ScanLine VFX,                                                                                             Vancouver (Aug-17.2015 - Feb.03.2017)


Projects: - MEG, Justice League, Independence day resurgence.


*CG environment's creation using world machine and Terragen 3.

*Texturing High res. photo-real maps for CG environments and Props procedurally.

*Set Dressing, Look development & shading for assets and props.

*Tools development using Python for Maya and Mari.

TOOLS: - Maya, Max, Mari, Mudbox, Nuke, Substance Designer, Terragen, Vray 3.0, World Machine, Python.


Senior Environment TD at Moving Picture Company,                                                                            Vancouver (Jan.26.2015 - Aug-07.2015)


Projects: - Batman Vs. Superman, The Finest Hour.


*Set Extension and CG environment's creation.

*Texturing High res. photo-real maps for CG environment’s.

*Look development & camera projection texturing from set photographs.

TOOLS: - Maya, Mari, Mudbox, Nuke, Terragen, Vray 3.0.


CG Supervisor at NPIXO Gmbh,                                                                                                               Frankfurt (Feb.13.2014 - Nov.30.2014)


Projects: - Porsche Cayenne Exclusive 2014, Porsche 911 GT3, Porsche Macan,

                 Porsche Panamera Turbo S, Porsche Spyder, Porsche Boxster, Porsche 991 GTS, Skoda Fabia & more.


* Shot and Asset management in Windows / Mac (Python).

* Digital Asset Management for different projects. (Python & SQLite)

* Vray 3.0 shader’s Library dev. with custom tools for lighting & rendering.

* Setting up work-flow between different departments.

* Delegating and managing artists & projects.

* Creating custom tools for production and pipeline in Python.

* Tools/pipeline R&D development for production & training artists.

* Modeling, texturing, shading, lighting & rendering of assets in shots

  and setting up the workflow for different projects in the pipeline.

*Testing software's for production and training artists with new tools & skills.

TOOLS: - Maya, Mari, Mudbox, Nuke, Terragen, Vray 3.0, Vue, VRED, Python, Photoscan, SQ-Lite, Speed Tree.


CG Generalist at NPIXO Gmbh.,                                                                                                               Frankfurt (Dec.01.2013 - Feb.12.2014)


Projects: -  Porsche Cayenne Exclusive 2014


* Real-time visualization with art directors and photographers for rendering high-resolution

  pictures and artwork for Porsche and other automotive companies.

* Re-topology of 3D models and preparing them for lighting and rendering.

* Texturing, shading, lighting and rendering of CG environments & cars.

TOOLS: - Maya, Mari, Mudbox, Nuke, Vray 3.0, Vue, VRED, Python, Photoscan, SQ-Lite.


Senior Texture Artist / CG Generalist at SPIN VFX,                                                                                 Toronto (Feb.25.2011 - Aug.15.2013)


Projects: - Game of Thrones season 03, Nikita Season 02,03, Borgias Season 02,03, Resident Evil, Twilight

               breaking dawn 01,02, Titanic TV series, Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter, Reign & more.


* Modeling, Texturing & Sculpting high res. assets, props, vehicles, environment's  & characters.

* Shading, lighting & rendering of assets in Renderman, Katana, Mental Ray, Maya man, Look Dev

   of assets in Katana & Maya for lighting.

* Develop and test Foundry's Katana for production at asset level with programmer’s.

*Tested and introduced software’s like Mari, Mudbox, Katana, and Speedtree for Pipeline on multiple ..platforms.

TOOLS: - Katana, Maya, Mudbox, Nuke, Renderman, SpeedTree,Vue, Vray2.0, Python, Mental Ray, Mel, Zbrush.


Texture Artist / 3D Modeler at SPIN VFX,                                                                                                 Toronto (Oct.12.2010 - Feb.24.2011)


Projects: - Borgias Season 01.


* Modeling, Texturing & Sculpting high res assets, props, vehicles, environment's & characters.

* Shading, lighting & rendering of assets in shots.

TOOLS: - Katana, Maya, Mudbox, Nuke, Renderman, Vue, Python, Mental Ray, Mel, Zbrush.




University of Ryerson, Diploma Python Programming                                                                                  Toronto (Aug.2011 - Dec.2011)

Vancouver Film School, 3D Animation & Visual Effects                                                                                Vancouver (Oct.2008 - Oct.2009)

Sikkim Manipal University, BSc in Multimedia & Animation                                                                           New Delhi (Jan.2005 - June.2008)

Advance Maya, 1 year Diploma in Modeling & Texturing                                                                              New Delhi (Oct.2007 - Sept.2008)

3D Arena, 2.5 yrs Diploma in animation                                                                                                        New Delhi (Jan.2004 - July.2006)



Unreal Engine - Level, Environment creation for Virtual Reality for HTC Vive.

Autodesk Maya - Modeling, texturing, UV-Mapping, lighting, optimizing and rendering passes with layers.

Autodesk 3D’s Max- LookDev and lighting with vray.

Substance Designer- procedural texturing and tileable texture creation.

Autodesk Mudbox - Texturing Displacement maps and Ptex for rendering.

Foundry Mari - Texturing and camera projection for set extensions and characters.

Teraggen 3 - Ecosystems and the 3D environment creation.

Foundry Nuke -  Compositing, green screen, roto, Nuke 3D, camera projection.

Foundry Katana - Look dev of characters & environment’s, shading, lighting, rendering.

Vray 3.0, Arnold, Render man - Lighting and Rendering.

Autodesk Vred- Automotive visualization and rendering.

Speedtree - Creating 3d trees for CG environments and set extensions.

Photoscan - Photogrammetric processing of digital images.

Operating system - Linux, Mac, Windows.

Programming Languages - Python, SQLite.




Reference available on request.



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Thanks for checking my website. My name is Nitin Singh, I currently work as a Senior Environment Generalist at Iloura, Melbourne Australia.


As you can see from the work on my website, I'm very passionate about what I do. I specialize in modeling, texturing, sculpting, lighting, rendering and compositing, so basically, a bit of everything. I have 7.5 yrs or Training in 3D and Visual Effects. I graduated from Vancouver film school, British Columbia, Canada in 2009.


                          I won Visual Effects Society Award (VES) in 2014 for outstanding created environment in a commercial or broadcast program category for GAME OF THRONES(The Climb) and have been Honored by EMMY AWARDS (2013) in Outstanding special visual effects category for my contribution to the Emmy award winning achievement  as a Model and Texture lead on Game of Thrones "valar Dohaeris".


My huge passion lies within creating realistic/semi-realistic characters and environments from scratch, which means accompanying the asset from start to look development and rendering. feel free to contact me for any other information.

Nitin Singh

CG Enviornment Artist

Melbourne, Australia