01. Maya 2018 content manager / Assets manager.
























Handling Maya files within different projects.

Each saved file comes with different options to handle it. The goal is to keep it simple, clean and strong.

05.  speed tree to Maya 2018 (Arnold 5) automated shader builder.









* export .abc file from speed tree

* select .abc file from UI in Maya to :-

- Create shading network for the tree with Diffuse, Normal, Spec and alpha maps automatically for all

   the shape nodes for the imported tree.

- Save Maya file upon completing the shading network creation.

- Automatically generate Arnold stand-In file and .tx maps for the tree and export it to the tree dir.


06.  Batch Speed Tree shader builder (Arnold 5) maya 2018.















* Batch creating lookDev files for speed tree models.

* Automated process, making thumbnails and storing the images for icons to be used in asset browser.

* Exporting Arnold stand-In and GPU cache to be used as layout.


07.  Substance to Maya 2018 (Arnold 5) shader builder.













* Create Arnold Al shader in Maya 2018 for the exported maps from Designer (or Painter)

* Creates shader for Diffuse, Specular, Normal, Gloss, Displacement, Translucency. (Linear-work flow)


08. Batch shader builder Substance to Maya 2018 (Arnold 5) .







* Batch creating shader files for textures exported from substance designer.

* Rendering thumbnails for shader library for consistency.


09. Megascan assets shader builder Maya 2018 (Arnold 5) .


















* Creating shader for Megascan asset based on the JSON info. for Arnold 5.

* Saving Maya files upon creating shaders.

* Setting asset lookDev environment with the light rig and TT Camera with

  render settings for linear workflow.



10. Batch Megascan assets shader builder Maya 2018 (Arnold 5) .








* Batch Creating shader for Megascan asset based on the .JSON info. for

   Arnold 5 in Maya 2018.

* Saving Maya files, exporting Arnold-stand-In, GPU Cache upon creating



11. maya content transfer over network between users.( Linux and Windows ) .












This tool lets you share any Maya elements over the network with other users.

fetch your complete Maya scene and load it into another Maya version.


04.  Automated light-rig / Turntable setup Example - 002 .











Automated Arnold light rig setup from asset browser Maya 2018 part - 02

Arnold stand-In and multiple assets render setup workflow.

03.  Automated light-rig / Turntable setup Example - 001 .











Automated Arnold light rig setup from asset browser Maya 2018 part - 01

02.  Asset's, Shader's, Light-Rig's, Turn Table Setup's Manager .
































Asset's, Shader's light-rigs and Turntable setups can be managed through one UI.

All sections get updated based on latest published content. All content managed through .JSON

for the individual project. Each category has individual options and can be controlled at artist level in multiple ways.




This is my First pass of Assets / LookDev pipeline in Maya 2018 with Arnold 5. I Used Python 2.7 to bridge the gap between multiple application and Maya to automate shader building, lookDev scene setup, batch rendering of assets and much more. My goal is to automate time consuming task's that does not affect the quality of work while keeping UI simple, clean and strong. I will continue to improve and develop it further as per my needs.


This page shows the asset browser, maya projects / file management, Substance to Maya, Speed tree to Maya, Mega Scan to Maya, Linear Shader creation for Arnold, Batch Turn-Table rendering setups. Creating Arnold shaders, Stand-In, GPU cache's, LOD's for the assets / Models. Light-rig's and turntable scene setup for assets etc.








My next goal is to bridge the gap between Maya and unreal. I want to translate all Maya elements to the Unreal engine while keeping everything live in Maya using Python and Blueprints in Unreal.


If you have any suggestions then please contact me at  NitinSingh@email.com



Last updated: 01-Oct-2017